Empower Hawaii’s street youth to move beyond homelessness.

Meet our Graduates

our RYSE Graduates our RYSE Graduates

Meet Mari.

RYSE residents mark their transition to more permanent housing by leaving a reflection on our wall of hand prints. But our connection is never lost.  “They come visit. They call us,” says Mari of our staff. “If I need help, they immediately come and help me.”

In 2019, with your generous help, RYSE provided respite from the streets for 112 youth, 43 percent of whom transitioned into permanent or more supportive housing. Our 30-bed facility at the foot of the Ko’olau mountains in Kailua is currently at capacity, and last month we opened our housing collaborative in Haleiwa.

our RYSE Graduates our RYSE Graduates

Meet April.

“Be patient. Even if it seems like things are not moving forward. Things will fall into place eventually,” April wrote on our hand print wall, as she and her baby, Oliver, prepared to leave RYSE for their new home in Haleiwa.

April and Oliver (11 months) were among the first tenants at the new Youth Rapid Rehousing Collaborative in Haleiwa. This partnership between RYSE, ALEA Bridge and Alternative Structures International provides 15 rooms in three houses for homeless youth ages 18-24 or homeless families with minor children. It was a thrill to watch April and Oliver settle into their new home.

our RYSE Graduates our RYSE Graduates

Meet Dawson.

Dawson completed the YouthBuild program in Waimanalo during his stay on the RYSE campus and celebrated his graduation with his RYSE family. Today he is an instructor with the YouthBuild program, which provides a pathway out of poverty by teaching youth construction skills through the building of community affordable housing projects.

RYSE collaborates with the Department of Education, Olomana School and Kailua High School to provide educational opportunities for its residents. In 2019, 18 youth who didn’t have a high school diploma utilized our DOE liaison to explore options. Eleven enrolled in high school, GED or credit recovery programs, three youth graduated, and 15 youth enrolled in vocational education programs or post-secondary education.

our RYSE Graduates our RYSE Graduates

Meet Frankie.

Frankie’s message is one of simple gratitude: Thank you for taking care of me when I was at my lowest and showing me love.

Frankie came to Hawai’i with the military and our street outreach team found him alone and broken, sleeping at a park. With the support of our staff, he started to heal his trauma and earned his personal trainer certification. He is now working in his field and has been reunited with his family.

So far this year, RYSE has sheltered 74 youth (including 7 babies). Through our programs, they have access to medical care, social services and educational programs that prepare them to leave the streets for good.

our RYSE Graduates our RYSE Graduates

Meet Cody.

Cody became one of our first RYSE residents in 2018, after our outreach workers found him living in a car with friends in Kane’ohe. Today, he is a full-time manager at a convenience store and in a solid relationship with his girlfriend. He left the streets in 2018 and has never been back.

RYSE is a safe haven for youth between the ages of 18-24 who would otherwise be on the streets. It is also where transgender youth can find a legitimate connection to the hormone therapy they need; it is where our LGBTQ+ youth can find a safe and inclusive space where they are met with unconditional positive regard.

Your support is key to supporting our youth.

Mahalo for being part of our work, and part of our youth's success.


Residential Youth Services & Empowerment (RYSE) provides a 24/7 access center to help give Hawaii’s homeless youth a brighter future.  At RYSE, 18-24 year-olds who are currently on the street have access to a safe temporary living space specifically designed to address their unique needs.

Hundreds of Oahuʻs youth don't have a place to sleep. RYSE assists those in need to change their lives and provide a pathway for a better tomorrow.

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