RYSE Pride

RYSE marches with PIC to highlight the Upcoming Point in Time Count RYSE joined forces with Partners in Care during the Honolulu Pride parade to bring the message that Everybody Counts! January 23, 2020 volunteers will fan out across Oahu to get a count of the number of folks living unsheltered … Read more about RYSE Pride

RYSE Turns 1!

RYSE celebrated its first birthday in June with residents and staff enjoying a day out at the beach. And there was lots to celebrate. Since opening in June of last year, we’ve housed 75 youth, 37 males / 38 female. We've provided 3,840 nights of shelter for our male population and 2,341 nights of … Read more about RYSE Turns 1!

Name in the News

Carla Houser, RYSE Executive Director, was the featured "Name in the News" in the Friday, October 19, 2018 edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Vicki Viotti profiled the work Carla is doing at RYSE, followed by a question and answer format that further delves into the RYSE model. You can read … Read more about Name in the News