Points of Entry

RYSE operates access centers to help connect homeless and at-risk youth with appropriate services through a coordinated entry process. The coordinated entry process consists of four steps:

Drop-in Access Center

The access center functions as the first step in a coordinated entry process that makes it easier for youth experiencing homelessness to access low barrier, non judgmental basic need services and provide a safe respite from the streets.

Service Placement

The access center will conduct uniform and consistent screening to determine the appropriate placement for a youth seeking service using a person-centered approach. Based on the youth’s strengths, goals, and risks, the screening will include protective factors including culturally and linguistically competent practices.

Prioritization for 18-24 year olds

The access center will include on-site living and dining quarters focusing on transition age youth (ages 18-24). Current shelter services for adults do not provide the unique services required by this age cohort to fill potential gaps in their development.


Youth that cannot be served on site due to individual eligibility requirements or current availability will be connected with appropriate resources according to their need, eligibility, and preference. Unaccompanied minors will be connected to applicable services for runaways, for example Hale Kipa or Child Welfare Service. The ultimate goal for this younger population is reconciliation with family or another form of guardian, i.e., the foster care system. Youth in need of specialized medical, substance abuse, or psychological services will also be connected to appropriate resources.

Collaboration & Additional Resources

There are few places to go for street-youth on Oahu. The RYSE access center collaborates with the existing services to conduct an assessment to connect a youth seeking service with the most appropriate resource for their individual needs.

Aloha United Way (AUW)

Catholic Charities Hawai‘i

Central Oahu Youth Services Association, Inc. (COYSA)

Child Welfare Services (CWS)

Hale Kipa

Partners In Care (PIC)

The Institute for Human Services (IHS)

WorkHawai‘i - Oahu WorkLinks (OWL)

Youth Outreach (YO!)