RYSE provides a 24/7 access center as part of the Kawailoa Youth and Family Wellness Center in Kailua, where disenfranchised youth are able to sleep safely at night under professional supervision. In addition, they receive: skilled medical attention, hot nutritious meals, clean clothes, laundry facilities, hot showers, personal lockers, counseling, job training and employment assistance, GED education, and nurturing by qualified, professional staff.


At a minimum, the on-site living and dining quarters offers homeless youth, ages 18-24, a safe place to sleep and receive a hot meal. On-site services include two levels of engagement and a day program. The first level of service provides a low barrier entry point for youth who are very “street-entrenched.” “Street-entrenched” youth are not ready to engage in services to get them off the street but are seeking a safe place to sleep for the night. A youth may stay at this level for 60 days, giving them space and time to acclimate to a life off the streets. Youth have a reserved space to sleep and locker to store their belongings. Service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, with a capacity to house up to eighteen (18) youth per night.


The second level of service is the “engagement” level for youth who are working to change the course of their lives. In addition to receiving basic services of food and shelter, youth participating at this level are able to create greater stability in their lives. Youth have a private bedroom with no curfew. Working with a case manager, the youth develop goals and utilize various community resources that lead to self-sufficiency. As long as the youth remain engaged and working towards their goals, they are able to remain at this level. The “engagement” level has a capacity of twelve (12) youth served per night.

Drop In Program

The day program is designed to provide basic need services from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week for any youth up to the age of 24 experiencing homelessness.  These youth are able to stay engaged with services while waiting for a shelter bed or other housing referral.